During this time I befriended Franz Kline, Bill deKooning, and other painters. Like most of the artists, we hung out at the Cedar Bar. On Friday nights we had something called the Artists' Club, which met at Ken Campbell's sculpture studio on 14th St and other places for discussion and refreshments. Besides painting I worked at a framing shop where I framed Miros, Matisses, Hoppers, Milton Averys, Renoirs and other masters. I also taught at the Brooklyn Museum, Horace Mann School, and other places.

In 1966, I moved west to teach at Ohio State. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse. Three years later, the University of Maryland did the same thing. I moved to Maryland in 1969, bought a 200 year old stone farmhouse, built a studio, and have lived happily ever after, painting, teaching and taking care of my sheep.

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